The Advantages of Adsense for Search

Patricia Post - The Advantages of Adsense for Search

Adsense for search provides publishers with the opportunity to provide a search tool through their website. The search tool provides results which contain Adwords adverts, and therefore publishers can generate revenues. The effectiveness of this tool for publishers comes in its functionality for website visitors. Those who have browsed resources on a website may return…

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Text v Graphic on Adsense

Patricia Post - Text v Graphics on Adsense

Google Adsense provides advertisers and publishers with the opportunity to place adverts in both text and graphic format. As advertisers decide to put Adsense into their website over banner advertising, the question still remains. Which is the best for advertisers and which is the best for publishers?   On one hand advertisers may feel that…

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Success on Adsense

Patricia Post - Success on Adsense

As you use Google’s AdSense for more and more time you begin to learn from the mistakes of the past, and you slowly begin to realize which of your actions kept your site from reaching its full potential. But an important part to making a mistake is telling people about it and teaching them how…

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SEO for Adsense

Patricia Post - SEO for Adsense

If you’ve been using Google’s AdSense on your pages you obviously feel the need to somehow generate even more traffic for your website, which in turn would translate to more AdSense click and a higher income.   But who do you do this? Well, the major way you’ll get visitors to see your website (other…

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Google Adsense – How To Position Adverts

Patricia Post - Positioning of Adverts

After using AdSense for a while you must have begun to ask yourself if there’s anything you could do to improve your AdSense based earnings. But before you go on experimenting with this and that setup you have to realize a couple of things about positioning.   The first thing you should know is that…

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How Much Money Can Be Made Through Adsense

Patricia Post - How Much Money Can Be Made Through Adsense

If you’re looking at Google’s AdSense program you’re surely asking yourself how much you could make from such a program, and you probably think you can’t make as much as you can from traditional advertising schemes.   Google, of course, keeps a great deal of secrecy regarding how much AdWords advertisers pay per each click…

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How Adsense Changed the Internet

Patricia Post - How Adsense Changed The Internet

Ever since Google came up with the master idea that is AdSense, the web has transformed in a variety of ways no one would have ever suspected. Some of these are good changes others aren’t. This is a small exploration of how a brilliant marketing scheme has taken the web by storm. It deals with…

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Google PPC Content or Search

Patricia Post - Google PPC Content or Search

When advertising with PPC=Pay Per Click Google gives the advertiser two broad options. Advertising in search results, advertising in websites content or indeed many choose to do both. Advertising in search means that results are displayed in Google under searches, and in its distributors search results.   Google content advertising applies to those websites who choose to…

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Getting Started with Adsense

Patricia Post - Getting Started with Adsense

A very important element in the rapid adoption of AdSense is that it has been very easy for publishers to get the ads on their site as quickly as possible. Integrating AdSense in your website takes only a few minutes, and you can be on your way with one or more nicely integrated AdSense ads.…

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Adsense and Click Fraud

Patricia Post - Adsense Click Fraud

If you’re using AdWords or AdSense you must have heard about an emerging practice in the underworld of computing called “click fraud”.   But what exactly is click fraud and how is it accomplished? Well AdSense uses a payment mechanism that awards a certain amount of money to a publisher (someone who holds an AdSense…

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